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Monday, July 25, 2011

18 Months

I keep finding myself saying, "Freeze this age.  This is the best age.  Just don't grow anymore."  Is that how this parenting thing works?  Does it just keep getting better and better?  
The only thing I would change about this age is Logan being able to use a few more words so that he could tell me exactly what he wants.  There are a few times when I know he gets frustrated and it could so easily be solved if he could just tell me what he was thinking.  I'm sure I'll be eating this words soon and saying, "Geez, can't we go back to where he wasn't talking.  He has asked me 'why?' 389 times today."

Logan's doctor was very impressed with his growth over the last three months.  He now weighs 26 lbs 13 oz and is 33 inches long.  He has gained a pound and grown 2 inches.  She said that he is about 65 percentile for weight and 75 percentile for height.  His big head is still rockin' the 95 percentile! 
He had another great checkup and we discussed a few of the small issues going on right now.  Logan has started biting me again (still not biting anyone else), and we also discussed the ,ahem, grabbing of mommy's goods.  I explained that for biting I had been using a very firm, "No" and putting Logan down or away from me, in hopes of showing him biting mommy = mommy putting me down or walking away.  I told her I had read a very popular discipline book 1,2,3 Magic, and was interested, but felt it was too early to start with Logan.  She agreed and said she recommended closer to 2 or 2 1/2. 
We also discussed nutrition and she was glad to hear that Logan was such a good eater and still getting his calcium through whole milk and yogurt.  She advised to stick to whole milk until 2 since he gets so many vitamins and nutrients from it. 

I brought up my slight concern for his speech development, but she reassured me that he was right on track.  I counted 10 words that Logan is able to say, none of which are used consistently, and she explained at 18 months, they want 5-10 and as long as he is understanding, there is no need for concern at this point.  She said by 2 he should have 50-100 and if not, then we will look into further then. 
 Logan was lucky and only had to get one shot at his appointment, and he was a champ.

Logan is quickly outgrowing some 24 month outfits and looks like I will be buying 2T's for the fall and winter.  He is still in a size 4 diaper and is now wearing a 6 1/2 extra wide shoe.  Chris and I are feeling certain that we are going to have an athlete on our hands...maybe a football player or a baseball player? 

I feel like I keep the blog pretty up to date so you know what he's up to these days.  We are unfortunately going to have to start cry it out again tonight.  His sleep schedule has been less than perfect lately and it's time for tough love before Mommy goes back to work in just NINE short days!!  BOOO!!!  :(

I'll keep you filled in on how the cry it out goes....

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