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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Beach Bums 2011

We were so lucky to be able to spend a few days down at the beach with Mimi and Pop.  It was so great to just get away from everything here and finally just relax.  No worrying about cleaning the house, running errands, clipping coupons, getting the dog outside....none of that!  It was so nice. 
I took over 250 pictures (yes, in just 5 days), and not to brag, but my son doesn't really take a bad picture, so I think the best way to blog about this trip is to just post some pictures, and describe how much fun we had with each picture. 

We rented bikes, mine had a trailer for Logan, and we rode bikes everyday!  It was so refreshing to ride!

Mimi bought Logan this bubble blower that he can work all by himself.  He learned to say the word bubble!

Logan wasn't too sure about the sand and the water.  In the end, he had fun with the water, but definitely liked his hands and feet clean.  Can you see the white in theirs fingers?


A few family pictures:

1, 2, 3...Swing!

Logan had a BIG time fishing with Daddy and Pop!

Can you see Dada's fish?

Too Much fishing!!

This is the same picture from last year.  Look how much he's changed!

I have about 197 other pictures  that I would love to share, but I think Blogger might have a fit, so here are just a few more!  Can you tell we had a great time?

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