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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Master Chef

Do you think kids find their passion early in life?  Hmm...I'm not sure, but Logan has certainly taken quite a liking to cooking and kitchens.  If you remember in this post I told you how my son didn't go for the trains or dump trucks, he headed straight for the kitchen in the toy store.  Well, thanks to my super shopping and internal awesome deal finder, not only did I find one for my house, I also found one for Mimi's house.  She took the more feminine looking one, since there will soon be a little girl in the Sevin family (my newest niece!)  This kitchen almost qualifies as a babysitter.  When it first came Logan played for over 60 minutes before even turning around to see if I was still there!

  While he is mastering the art of cooking plastic peas, carrots, potatoes and something that resembles meat, I am dreaming of the day he starts to make and deliver breakfast in bed! 

He really gets into it!  He is serious about washing those dishes! 

A little video of him "cooking" at Mimi's house

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