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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marry Me?

One of my best friends from elementary school got married Saturday and Logan and I had the honor of being in her wedding.  She was a stunning bride and the wedding was absolutely beautiful!  She and the wedding could be featured in a Bride magazine!  I hate that I don't have any pictures of her, but I didn't have my camera out much, except to snap a few pictures of my handsome little ring bearer. 
Another one of my best friends and her little boy were also in the wedding.  Logan and Mason did a perfect job of escorting their mommies down the aisle!  We had the daddies strategically placed to grab the boys, since there is no way two toddlers were going to sit quietly through a 45 minute service. 
Mimi and Pop, were once again to the rescue and graciously offered to drive all the way down town to see Logan walk down the aisle and then take him home for HIS FIRST SLEEPOVER WITHOUT MOMMY AND DADDY!

I have to admit, as much as I hated not being there to put Logan to sleep, at 1:00am when Chris and I were still partying like rock stars with some old friends we never get to see, I was kind of okay with the sleepover at Mimi's house!   I think we finally feel asleep around 3 am , and of course, I was an eager beaver to get to him this morning, but contained myself until almost 9.   Thanks Mimi and Pop for getting the cutest little ring bearer ready and for allowing his mommy and daddy a much needed night out!

Having a much needed snack!

Mason, the other cutest ring bearer

Looks like trouble!

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