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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eat More Chicken!

We have lived in our house for 5 years and I am ashamed to say today was the first day we visited the wonderful Cagle's Dairy, which is literally 15 feet away from the front of my neighborhood.  Logan and I met Mary, James, Jessica and Olivia there today for a farm tour, animal feeding and a hayride.  The kids got in free and they only charged us $7 for a 2 hour tour.  If you live anywhere near the Diary, it is a must to go and visit! 
Logan is BIG into animals right now, especially cows and dogs, so I knew that he would just love it. 

Aren't they adorable? 
They each took a turn on the scale.  My little BIG boy weighted in right around 27.5 pounds! 

We went on a tour of the veggie garden first!  We each got to pick a tomato and pepper to bring home.  Logan found the perfect one!  He thought they were balls at first and pitched a few of them down the row.  Oops!

Logan saw the cows at this point, and instatnly lost interest in the crops and was determined to get to those, "Moos".

Next, we went to the animal petting/feeding section.  Logan was a little unsure being that up close to so many new animals.  We saw chickens, ducks, cows, turkeys, sheep, pigs and goats!  I kept asking Logan if he wanted to pet them, but he promptly responded with his, "Noooo" and a giant head shake.  He preferred to stay in the middle of the barn and observe the animals. 
 Next we went to see the big brown milking cow.  Logan was ready to crawl up right next to her, I think. 
"Mom, check this out.  It sucks my hand!"

We ended our fun with a hayride around the farm and even got to see the famous dog, Tib, hard at work heading goats and cows. 
A fun day was had by all!

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