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Saturday, July 2, 2011


This word is ringing in my ears lately because I feel like that is all I hear from Logan.  When I try to do anything for him, he says, "Nooo" very loudly and starts a little protest.  My little boy is growing up and suddenly doesn't want any help from Mommy.  He wants to do everything himself.  Brushing his teeth, eating, getting in the stroller or car seat....Yeesh....pretty much everything. 

I don't try to fight him on the food thing because I know he is just trying to learn and explore, and he can get cleaned up very quickly.  I am however, struggling with the stroller, car seat and brushing his teeth.  I've turned to bribes for the car seat and stroller, but am a little lost with the teeth.   He wants to brush, which means, he crews on the toothbrush.  I guess that's better than nothing  ???

Marshmallow cream at dinner
yogurt for breakfast
Logan's brilliant idea...applesauce through a straw!

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