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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nesting Already?

I have that itch that I just can't shake...I've got to get things ready and I can't stop!  We've been working hard on Landon's room and I'm excited that we have made quite a bit of progress.  I knew before I got pregnant, that turning this room into a nursery was going to take a lot of work.  Not only did the walls have to be painted, but we had to rip out all of the molding around the floors, ceiling, window and doors.  It was horrible and had this crackle paint that couldn't be repainted easily. 
Around 6 weeks pregnant (maybe sooner), I joyfully ripped off the molding and was so excited to see the room lose it's awful hunter green and crackle look.
The previous owner also glued in this horrible piece of marble into the window seal, so I got Chris working on busting that out (which I learned through lots of grunting and cussing was not easy). 

We spent a few weekends painting walls, painting and hanging molding and repainting molding to cover nail holes.  I'm lucky to be married to such a handy man.  Once all the painting was finished, we decided to finally give in to Logan's begs and pleas to put the crib in the room.

I found a super deal on most of the bedding from a Pottery Barn Kids that was closing by our house.  The quilt and bed skirt just happened to be 60% off!  I still can't believe I found them marked down.  I ordered the bumper last week and as soon as I saw the box, I had to rip into to.  I'm going to blame all of this on nesting.  I just want things in place and perfect for Landon's arrival.  (Yes, I realize I still have 4 months to go, but I also know how easily time gets away from me.)

I'm so thrilled with how the nursery is turning out.  I walk in every morning and turn the light on just to day dream before I go to work.  I swear, I still can't believe that we are actually going to have another little baby here soon. 

So, here are a few pictures.  Just remember, we still have a lot of work to do in the room, but I wanted to document our progress so far. 

This was the room after we ripped out the molding and window seal.
Of course, our helper was always ready to paint.  I still can't believe we got the room painted without spilling paint all over the carpet or any other major paint disasters.

I think this was after the first coat of paint.  We decided to do three grey walls and one blue wall.
This was the first thing I got with Landon's name and made it official!  After I saw this, I couldn't wait to get the rest of the bedding.
This was after I painted the closet and we got the molding up.  I found these cubbies at Ikea and can't wait to fill them up with little baby things. 
Big Brother insisted on being the one to put the crib together.  He only needed a little help from Daddy. 
The boys working hard.
Logan had to test out his handy work.  He approved!
Good job, boys!
Like I said, we still have a lot to do, but I love how it's starting to look like a baby's room. 
This was after all the bedding came.  I swear I tried for a few minutes to contain myself and not put it on the bed yet, but I just couldn't see it sitting in a box any longer.
Sweet Landon's bed is all ready for him!
Nesting is normal, right?  Even at 21 weeks, right?

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