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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Visiting the Big Guy!

Logan has his Santa list ready weeks ago and was anxiously awaiting our chance to go see Santa.  We always go visit Santa at North Point Mall, but this year they changed the way they do Santa.  Due to some new retail competition, they had to step it up a bit.  This year not only did Santa come, but there was a virtual ride that took us all the way to the North Pole.  This, of course, meant that you had to make reservation to see Santa.  We finally were able to get an appointment and Logan was counting down the days. 
If you remember all of our previous visits, Logan has not really been a fan of Santa. 

(I didn't have his second visit with Santa on my phone, but he was crying there, too!)

He told us several weeks ago, when we started making his list, that he was not going to cry this year.  I didn't really believe him, but we did encourage him. 
He picked out a few of his favorite things he wanted Santa to bring him and glued them to his list.  We got it all ready and headed to see Santa. 

We arrived to a huge crowd of people, but were prepared for a wait and a little craziness.  I was still holding my breath about Logan not crying.
Our visit started with a visit with Shrek characters around the big Gingerbread house.  Logan loved Donkey the best. 

Then we headed around the house and waited in line until it was our turn.  I tried to snap a few pictures of the kids, but it's almost impossible to get a picture of all three.

They really liked the house and the LCD screens that kept them entertained while we waited about 30 minutes (even though we had reservations). 
When we finally got to the door to enter the house, we were told that we could not have any cameras or phones out, so I don't have any inside pictures.  We designed sleighs, took a virtual ride to the North Pole, and waited a little more. 

Finally, it was Logan's turn to see Santa.  As the doors opened I just knew that Logan was going to change his mind, crawl between my legs and refuse to see Santa.  Much to my surprise, he walked right over to Santa with me and sat right next to Santa on the couch.  He showed him his list and answered Santa's questions with a few silent nods and I think he might have uttered a few words.  He gave Santa a hug and got his picture taken.  Despite how his picture looks, he did smile a few times and was excited about Santa.  I think he was in awe of him and still a little unsure. 
We were so proud of Logan and couldn't believe just how brave our big boy was.  I'd say our visit was a success!
While we are talking about Christmas, I have to share our newest ornament.  We got this ornament in 2009 when I was pregnant with Logan and I was able to find a very similar one this year for Landon's ultrasound picture.  I love seeing my two boys hanging on our tree.

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  1. Santa visits.......priceless! Ornaments......precious!