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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

When You Fall, You Get Back On, Right?

Sunday evening we were outside playing and watching Daddy hang the Christmas lights. The weather wasn't too cold, and Logan had pulled 10 different toys out of the garage.  He had been on and off his bike right in the driveway (with his helmet on) and called me to come walk with him in the street so he could ride in the street.  We literally had only gone about 15 feet and it was one of those slow motion moments.  I saw him looking off to the side, which I have warned him about before.  As I was saying, "Logan, keep looking forward, so you can see where you are ....", his bike starting leaning to the left and before I knew it he was on his tummy twisted up in the bike.
He's had this bike since last Christmas, and been on it at least a 50 times, and never had a fall before.  I was thinking, "Oh no, he's not going to want to get back on."
I scooped him right up and he was crying a little bit.  I assumed he was just shaken up.  There were no scrapes, bruises or blood.  I brushed him off, give him a few kisses and snuggles and started to walk back with him to the house.  He continued to cry and I noticed he was holding his left arm to his chest.  I took him inside and put on his favorite show thinking I could distract him and he would calm down.  He watched the show, but continued to cry on and off and when I moved or raised his arm, he would really cry and complain that his arm and elbow were hurting.  I tried to hand him some animals and see if he would reach with the hurting arm while he was watching tv, but he wouldn't even reach for them.  He told me his arm hurt too much.

After about 30-40 minutes and realizing he probably wasn't faking, we decided to head to the Children's Urgent Care in Kennesaw for an x-ray.  Better safe than sorry, right?
We got checked in pretty quickly and only had to wait about 20 minutes in the waiting room.  Logan was much calmer than I thought and didn't seem to be in too much pain.  Of course, we had to bring some animals with us.

Two of the nurses working that night, were nurses that I used to work with at PAMPA.  I think they helped get us back a little quicker.  :)

We saw the doctor, who confirmed that his pain was coming from his elbow and she had us get two x-rays of his arm.  Logan was very brave and sat in the chair with his arm on the table for the x-ray.  He was a little unsure of what was about to happen and didn't like that I couldn't stay with him.  Daddy put on the lead apron and stayed right with Logan while I watched from the viewing room.  

About 20 minutes later the doctor returned and informed us that Logan indeed had fractured his elbow.  She had the nurse wrap his arm in a splint and then a sling was added to keep it bent at 90 degrees.  She said we would need to see an orthopedist in the next few days and they would put the cast on.  Once again, little man was so brave and didn't mind getting the split or sling put on.  He even got a popsicle for being such a good boy.  

It was 9:00 before we left and we were all exhausted.  As we were getting Logan into the carseat (which was quite tricky if you can imagine), he said to us, "Wait a minute, I need a wheelchair".  We both were cracking up!  He feel asleep on the way home and we just carried him right to bed.  We decided to let him sleep with us, just in case he need something or was in pain.  

Monday, Mimi and Pop kept Logan since he couldn't go to school until he got his cast on.  Mimi helped me get an appointment with the orthopedist and we were able to get in at 1:30 on Monday.  I left school and meet them at the office.  The doctor checked the x-rays, and agreed that he needed a cast.  Logan picked a blue cast and was once again much braver than I expected.  He told me needed to go to the toy store on the way home and mommy guilt got the best of me, so I agreed.

 How could I say no to that?

He picked out a super cool giraffe animal set, and luckily it was on sale. We made a quick stop to Carter's to pick up a few pairs of elastic waist pants.  I thought these might be easier for his teacher, since he is not able to go to the bathroom by himself.  

As we finally made our way home, I turned around and he was passed out.  He slept for about 3 1/2 hours that evening once we got home.  I think he had had a pretty exhausting day.  

He's handling the cast really perfectly and it really doesn't even seem to phase him.  Bath time was pretty tricky and he didn't like that I kept bath to about 3 minutes and wouldn't let him play. He's only asked twice for me to take the cast off, so maybe he's getting used to it?  We go back next week for an x-ray to make sure it's healing correctly.  She said he would wear it for four weeks, and maybe 6 depending on how it heals.  We are hoping for 4, but preparing for 6.  

So, here's to hoping that he will get back on his bike in a few weeks and not be too scared of it.  Wish us luck!  

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