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Saturday, January 3, 2015

33 Weeks

How far along? 33 Weeks

How big is baby? A Durian (I'm not even sure what that is)

Total weight gain/loss? weighed today... I was up to 25 pounds. 

How am I feeling?  I am feeling a lot bigger this week, but overall still feeling pretty good.  I bought a yoga ball to try to help with the back pain when I sit.   

Gym Activity? :(   Membership is now officially frozen.     

Maternity Clothes? I took out some of the pajamas I had from when Logan was born and washed them to pack in my hospital bag.  I'm still just cycling through my favorite maternity clothes.  I've been enjoying the time off work and mostly staying in comfy clothes unless we go somewhere.   
Stretch Marks? Still keeping those bad boys away! 

Sleep? Ugh, sleep has been pretty horrible.  I think I wake up every hour or two.  I got desperate and bought some Tylenol PM and took one twice this week.  I really helped.        

Best moment this week?  We had lots of great things happen this week.  Logan wasn't supposed to get his cast off until next Tuesday, but I called Friday to see if they could squeeze him in a few days early and they had an opening.  Mimi went with me and he was so brave!  I'll post a video soon.  I also had an amazing massage this week at my gym.  She really got deep into my muscles and it was amazing!  Chris and I decided to head out for a date night when Mimi and Pop offered to keep Logan overnight.  We went to Kani House, a Japanese steak house.  It was so good!  I stuffed myself! 
Movement? I think he was doing some crazy flipping a few days ago.  For two or three days, I swear I felt little fingers or toes tickling me way down low.  It was quite a funny feeling.  I was hoping he would stay that way for the 3D ultrasound today, but of course, he went right back to the same old spot.  She really had a hard time getting any pictures, because he either had hands, feet, or cord all in front of his face.   
Food Cravings/Aversions? Besides the Japanese steak house, I haven't had too many cravings this week.  We bought some blueberry muffins from the store that were good and I also got some gingerbread biscotti to go with my morning coffee. 
Gender? It's a BOY!

Labor signs? Nothing right now. 

Belly Button? It's flat and maybe the middle is poking out just a little?

What I miss? I miss being able to sleep on my stomach.  I have woken myself up several times, almost on my stomach and it makes it hurt so bad.  Then I can't go back to sleep and I start worrying that I squished the baby.   

What I'm looking forward to? I'm looking forward to going back to the OB for my next check on Wednesday and also looking forward to getting everything ready for maternity leave at school.  (This is going to be a ton of work, but I know I will feel better once it's done. 

Milestones/Development: He's keeping his eyes open while awake.  He's also starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing.  His bones are hardening.  He going through (more) major brain development -- that's one smart baby!

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